Uses for Oil-Diminisher

1. Oil/Water Separators:

If you are operating an oil/water separator for treating storm water or process water, you may not always meet your discharge limits. Oil/Water separators are effective at removing free floating oil. However, it can not remove emulsified oil (oil droplets smaller then 30 microns).

If this is the situation that exists at your facility, the addition of Oil-Diminisher to the wastewater will reduce your oil & grease (O&G) levels, as well as the oil & hydrocarbon molecules.

Oil-Diminisher is effective at reducing the following:

• Diesel Fuel • Benzene • Kerosene
• Heating Oil • Motor Oil • Jet Fuel
• Gasoline • BETX • Crude Oil

2. Industrial Wastewater:

If your facility uses an aqueous parts washer or a pressure washer, you are generating a wastewater stream which contains emulsified oils. Oil-Diminisher can reduce the levels of emulsified oil. If there are also other contaminants present, TurnKey can provide you with a treatment system to meet your needs.

3. Vehicle Wash Recycle Systems:

If you are using a recycle system for your vehicle wash water, you probably are experiencing a build up of emulsified oils which make it hard to clean the vehicle and causes an odor problem. When adding Oil-Diminisher to the water you will reduce the oil level and reduce or eliminate the odor problem.

4. Grease and Oil Build Up in Trenches and Sumps:

If you have a build up of oil and grease on the floor and walls of industrial trenches and pits, Oil-Diminisher can help clean it up. Not only will this make for a cleaner work place, but it will also reduce or eliminate associated odors.

5. Storm water Retention Ponds:

Storm water run off from parking lots and roads can leave an unacceptable oil level in retention ponds. The addition of Oil-Diminisher will breakdown the fuel and oil in the water.

6. Soil Contamination:

Oil-Diminisher may be mulched or raked into oil or hydrocarbon contaminated soil. A sprinkler system should be used to keep the soil wet and to deliver the Oil-Diminisher to the contaminated area.