SorbClear is TurnKey's Filtration System that utilizes EnviroClay to filter wastewater streams.

EnviroClay Treatment

Zero pollutant discharge is an increasingly important goal. Groundwater and industrial wastewater often are contaminated with oils, fat, grease, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, creosote and petroleum fuels. All these contaminants blind the pores of activated carbon, resulting in frequent, costly change outs.

EnviroClay is an organically modified clay, a bentonite modified with quaternary amines that remove oil from water cost effectively up to about 60 ppm and at seven times the rate of activated carbon, or at 50 percent of its weight.

Prepolishing water with EnviroClay lowers cost by reducing the frequency of carbon change outs and resin regeneration, and by making zero discharge and water recycling more cost effective.

EnviroClay-What is it? Organically modified clays are produced when bentonite (a volcanic ash consisting primarily of the clay mineral montmorillonite) is coated with quaternary amines. The nitrogen end of the quaternary amine exchanges with sodium and calcium on the clay platelet surface, while the chlorine end of the amine chains sticks into the water. The clays capacity to swell in the water due to the sodium is drastically reduced, while the amine chains cause it to swell in such petroleum fuels as diesel fuel, kerosene, jet fuel, gasoline and some oils. When an organically modified clay is placed into water contaminated with oily or chlorinated hydrocarbons, two processes occur:
Flow Chart
TurnKey Solutions, Inc. designs and fabricates skid mounted systems that use EnviroClay and other absorption and filtration methods to solve your specific wastewater needs.