The Roll Media Filter, (RMF) is a continuous solids filter that can process 15 to 700 gpm. The RMF uses disposable filter media which is available in 250 yard rolls. A unique patented design provides for effective particle cake build up. The RMF is a perfect match for wastewater or lubricant streams with high solids loadings. Our engineers can assist you with custom applications.
Cooling tower fluids
Spray booth effluents
Phosphating solutions
Vehicle wash water
Parts washing chemicals
Machine coolants
Industrial wastewater
Evaporator pre-filter
Available Options
Carbon or stainless steel
Custom support frame design
Custom tank design
PLC controllers
Polishing filters
Annunciators & limited alarms
Pneumatic & electrical valves
Skid built systems

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Stainless Steel


Carbon Steel


Stainless Steel