MopClear is an oil skimming system designed to remove floating oil from machine coolants, wash water or any small area where oil accumulates. A polypropylene mop drops own from the unit, across the oil contaminated surface and then is drawn back through the rollers which squeeze the oil from the mop. The waste oil then drains through a standard 1 1/2" male NPT fitting to a drum or tank.
MopClear 50
Recovery rate of 5 GPH
Single speed drive
Max. mop speed 3ft./min
Compact: 7"x9"x6"
Housing: T-304 Stainless
Rollers: Buna-N
Belt mop: Polypropylene
Weight: 8 lbs.
Power requirements: 115 VAC
Can use up to 10ft of belt mop
MopClear 150

Recovery rate of 10-15 GPH
Variable speed drive
Max. mop speed: 11ft./min
Compact: 11"x10"x6"
Housing: T-304 Stainless
Rollers: Buna-N
Belt Mop: Polypropylene
Weight: 12 lbs.
Power requirements: 115 VAC
Can use up to 15ft of belt mop
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Why is MopClear superior to a tube or belt skimmer?
  • MopClear has more surface area per unit length. Which results in the removal of more oil.

  • MopClear does not rely on wipers or squeegees to remove oil from the tube, which become ineffective when debris becomes lodged between the wiper and the tube.
Larger Custom Systems Available Upon Request