• NewGen Cleaner is an alternative to traditional surfacants
  • Aggressively cleans oil and dirt from surfaces
  • breaks down oils, greases, lubricants and other organic contaminants
  • Biodegradable
  • Eliminates odor associated with hydrocarbons


  • Parts washing
  • Pressure washing
  • Floor Scrubbers
  • Vehicle washing
  • Commercial car wash
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Bilge Cleaning
Dosing Rates:

NewGen Cleaner can be added directly into the wastewater via venturi injector, metering pump or by hand dosing. In heavily contaminated applications NewGen Cleaner may initially be applied at a ratio of 1:50. Actual required dosing rates may vary based on the application.

  • Specific Gravity @ 60°: 1.025
  • Density, lbs/gallons 8.55
  • Flash Point: Nonflammable
  • Appearance: Clear Brown Liquid
  • Odor: Pleasant, slightly sweet
  • Non-Allergenic, nontoxic
  • Nonflammable and is usable in most

NewGen Cleaner is inherently stable with an indefinite shelf life under normal storage conditions. Avoid exposing NewGen Cleaner to freezing temperatures or prolonged temperatures above 110° F. NewGen Cleaner is compatible with all filtration systems, pumps and valves when used in accordance with manufacturers recommended application guidelines.