Oil-Diminisher is an enzyme based product that breaks down animal and vegetable oils as well as hydrocarbons. It is highly effective at reducung emulsified oil levels and associated odors. This is not a microbial product and therefore avoids problems related to temperature and pH. The product contains no solvents, is non-flammable, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. It can be applied with very little labor and equipment expense. All of these features make Oil-Diminisher an essential part of your water treatment and pollution control effort.

Application Rates:

In heavily contaminated systems, Oil-Diminisher may initially be applied at a rate of (1)pint/1000 gallon/day for a week period. Under initial loading conditions, some minor water foaming may occur, that will subsequently dissipate as the organic contaminates are destroyed. Thereafter, some systems are able to reduce to a lower maintenance dosing rate.


Oil-Diminisher is inherently stable with an indefinite shelf life under normal conditions. Avoid exposing Oil-Diminisher to freezing temperatures or prolonged storage above 110 deg. F.


5 gallon HPDE containers
55 gallon HPDE Drums
Metering Pumps


Oil/Water Separators
Holding Lagoons
Retention Basins
Manhole Areas
Industrial Wastewater Streams
Utility Vaults
Drainage Ditches
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