When does it make sense to install an Oil/Water Separator?

  • Light Weight Design
  • V-hopper Solids Chamber
  • Internal Oil Reservoir
  • Gasketed Cover and Vent
  • Flow Range: 3 to 50 gpm
Fiberglass Series



  • Carbon Steel Construction
  • Epoxy Interior/Exterior Coating
  • V-hopper Solids Chamber
  • Durable Design
  • Flow Range 10 to 5,200 gpm
Steel Series

  • Flow Rate: 5 to 15 gpm
  • Removes:
    Free Oil
    Settleable Solids
    Suspended Solids
  • Features:
    Automatic operation
    Compact Footprint
    Sealed Cover for Oder Control
  • Options:
    Floating Skimmer Solution
    Post Filter For Emulsified Oil

TurnKey offers a full line of coalescing oil/water separators for the removal of free and finely dispersed oil droplets from various water streams. Through the use of cross corrugated coalescing media pack we can remove free oil droplets, (droplets 30 microns and larger) down to a level of 10ppm.

  • Filter Type: Uses Dissolved Air to Float solids and Oils for Skimming
  • Flow Rate: 4 to 1200
  • Clarification Rate: Up to 97% Can be Achieved
  • Options:
    Chemical Addition
    Pumps and Tanks
    Polishing Filters
Dissolved Air Flotation

  • Recovery Rate: 5 gph and 10-15 gph
  • Removes: Free Oil
  • Benefits: Mounts on Machine for Continuous Oil Skimming

  • MopClear 50
    Single Speed Drive
    Compact - 7"x9"x6"

  • MopClear150
    Variable Speed Drive
    Compact - 11"10"6"

  • Polypropylene Rope Mop on Both Models

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