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  • Flow Rate: 0-5GPM
  • Removes: Free oil, Settleable solids, suspended solids
  • Features: Skid-Built - Small footprint - 4'x 5'
  • Benefits: Centralized unit - can process high volume of solids and oil
  • Effective removal of viscous oil
  • Options: Influent pump
  • Discharge pump
  • Bag filters
  • Coolant delivery systems

  • Flow Rate: 5 to 15 gpm
  • Removes:
    Free Oil
    Settleable Solids
    Suspended Solids
  • Features:
    Automatic operation
    Compact Footprint
    Sealed Cover for Odor Control
  • Options:
    Floating Skimmer Solution
    Post Filter For Emulsified Oil

  • Evaporation Rate: 5-300gph
  • Removes: Excess Water and Reduces Disposal Volume
  • Features:
    Gas and Electric Powered
    Automatic PLC Based Controls
    Automated Feed Systems Availible
    Availible in 316 stainless steel or exotic metals
  • Benefits:
    Highly Efficient, Low BTU Design
    Avoid Discharge Problems
    Reduce Hauling Cost

  • Filter Type: Coalescing Oil/Water Separator
  • Flow Rate: Up to 5000 gpm
  • Features:
    Fiberglass Models up to 50 gpm
    Carbon Steel is Epoxy Coated
    V-Hopper Solids Settling Chamber
    Gasketed Covers
  • Options:
    Pump Packages
    Skid Built
    Emulsified Oil or solids
    Freeze Protection
Oil/Water Separator

Proprietary New Clearning Agent

  • Emulsifies Oil Off the Surface
  • Breaks Down Oils in the Water and on the Part
  • No Heat Required


  • Partswashing
  • Vehicle Washing
  • Floor Scrubbing
NewGen Cleaner

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